26/04/2022    15 h 00 - 17 h 30

Lieu : Webinaire

Insights into the art of the Persianate societies (Islamic period)

Dialogues franco-iraniens / French-Iranian dialogues
Les webinaires de l’IFRI /

En ligne / Online (Language: English)
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Regards sur l’épigraphie / Insights into Epigraphy

Mardi 26 avril 2022 – 15h00 (heure Paris) – 17h30 (heure Téhéran)
Tuesday 26th april 2022 – 
3.00 pm (Paris time) – 5.30 pm (Tehran time)

  • Islamic Inscriptions from Medieval Afghanistan: Innovations in the Content and Style of Royal Epigraphy
    – Viola Allegranzi (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)
  • Islamic Inscriptions from Medieval Afghanistan: Funerary Texts as Sources for Local History
    – Martina Massullo (BULAC- CollEx-Persée/CeRMI, Paris)
  • The quadruplet inscriptions on the commemorative pillar of the Dorudzan dam in Ramjerd (Fars) from the Sassanid to the Qajar period (in Farsi, with English translation)
    – Emadaldin Sheikhalhokamaee (University of Tehran, Institute of Archaeology)
  • Discussion / Chairperson: Nuria Garcia-Masip (Sorbonne Université)

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